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Classic Racing! The Golden Years


Free Flight Indoorist
We did something like this at Flite Fest 2016. I flew a Folkerts SK4 that was decked out in glass and resin. Flew nicely, as did many of the other entries. @wilmracer is still flying his Caudron. I tried flying the Folkerts with him this spring and ran into lots of problems. I need to get it back in the air now that I've got most of the problems figured out.


I build things that fly (sometimes)
Yup! Caudron needs another round of patches as it is not the easiest to self-launch, but she could be ready to go in another hour or two :)

Those races were a great time!

Why not do something on the "Golden Age of Air Racing"
Are you talking like pylon racing or like the old timey cross-country stuff? I was hoping to get them interested in the latter, kinda like the movie Planes and taking place at Edgewater. With a whole golf course they could easily have several locations to take-off and land.

If you mean something else, please elaborate a little. I really like the idea of race styles other than the standard Red Bull air races (I like those too, but they've been done).