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Clear the Confusion over IOC on the NAZA M GPS!!!!

I would love to see a video that thoroughly explains the Inteligent Orientation Controls on the DJI Naza. I have seen SOOOOOOO many videos that conflict with each other, or have confusing or just plain WRONG information. Maybe we could actually shoot some video from your Scratch build Y copter so that people can get an overhead view of a quad or hex under it moving in the different directions in the different modes..... There are a million wrong and confusing examples but not a single one that difinitivly shows how things work on a larger scale. For instance I knew I had to be 10 meters out to get it to work but had no idea Home Lock would not let me get inside that 10 meter circle while in that mode, and would indeed just fly around me in a circle, no matter how hard I try... This has to fry the brains of some of the users out there. How About it?:cool: