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Closed Wing Swappable


Junior Mastermind
Recently I've been messing around with some ways I can make fuselages that can be compatible with FT power pods so I can make as many different creations as I want, just with the two that I have from the FT Cruiser. I used the dimensions of the pod to make a CAD drawing of a holster that I can easily install into any plane that I make around it, and I decided to build a prototype; a closed wing.


I found major inspiration from Star Citizen's Origin 300i (above) and is most likely what I might name the model, even if it's not a complete resemblance.

I've only worked on it for a day and it's already coming along well. Some dimensions were off due to the thicker material we use (our lab is mainly architectural, and doesn't use lighter materials), but I think it will come along well. I already have the main concept down on how it will be swappable: the holster has tabs that the pod can connect to, and Velcro will secure it into place.


Note: First 'draft', I will make multiple prototypes

I plan on making a CAD file for anyone who might want to try it out, but it will take a while for me to zero in on the correct dimensions and electronics.


Let me know about any suggestions, comments or ideas below, I'd love to hear them!

-Note: I am a novice/beginner at scratch builds, I'd really love some ideas, even if not about this particular project!


Junior Mastermind
I do plan on it being a pusher, even if this exact one won't be the finished product. I'm working on a CAD file and I may do a build video in the future when I finish it.


Junior Mastermind
During the hours I had to work on it today, I added multiple new features and added every part into a CAD file for precise assembly later. I'm going to update the thread with more posts in a blog style.

My workstation is officially cluttered with parts, tools, and scraps.

I've been considering how much yaw control it will have with just one rudder control surface, so I designed a pivot for the center vertical stabilizer using holes, an extension, and a barbecue skewer. This should increase the amount of yaw control it should have in flight.

I've also added the complex, angled top-side wings. These will be there mainly for extra lift at the rear and to model the 300i.

While installing the scoop, which was only going to be cosmetic, I found the perfect place to hide a servo! Aerodynamics and looks for the win!

The final for today is starting to look more like its in-game counterpart, and the functions of each part have been assessed. Every part in the current plane is in better scale on the AutoCAD drawing, as well as folding labels and diagrams for the correct angle of the wings.

I have also originally planned for it to be a pusher aircraft, so the weight will be balanced correctly. I will probably not add an update post for a while, as tomorrow I will not have enough time to work and February Vacation is next week, but be sure to check back on Monday the 2nd for more! I will continue to read feedback and comments over the next week, so I encourage some input; let me know what you think! ;)
I encourage some input; let me know what you think! ;)
I'm no aerodynologist, but it seems to me that those wings are going to lack the surface areal to create the drag necessary to keep it in the air. With no airfoil, that might be an issue.

I do very much look forward to seeing the rest of this build!

ETA, where are your control surfaces?


Junior Mastermind
There will be control surfaces at the tail (pivotal), ailerons on the main wings, and maybe pivotal winglets at the nose for elevation.


Master Tinkerer
What if you moved the wings forward a tad, and added an EDF? Not saying that a prop wouldn't work, I just can't imagine it. :p


Junior Mastermind
If I had the time, money, and knowledge I would totally do an EDF, but I can't at this stage, plus it's supposed to fit with the normal FT power pods. I may move the wings and enlarge them perhaps as well, thanks!


Junior Mastermind
This prototype is the basis of the project, now I'm going to use these dimensions to use in SketchUp to refine the design.