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Cloverleaf Antenna - Flite Tip


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The Cloverleaf is a Circular Polarized Antenna that is a great option for transmitting your FPV video signal. We'd like to share some tips on this antenna design and show you the correct setup you need for optimal FPV flying!

cloverleaf antenna - 2.jpg

Linear Polarized Antenna's send out a straight signal which can reflect off of objects in the signal path. The reflected signal can cause interference with the transmitted signal cause static, wavy images, or even signal lose. The Circular Polarized Antenna sends out a circular pattern that rotates in one direction.

cloverleaf antenna - 1.jpg

When this signal hits an object the signal is reflected in the opposite direction of the sending signal canceling itself out and thus maintaining a strong signal.

With all that to say, it's basically a great option for flying FPV! An important thing to remember when purchasing or making your circular polarized antenna is that the transmitter and receiver antenna need to be the same direction.

cloverleaf antenna - 9.jpg cloverleaf antenna - 6.jpg

To see which direction your Cloverleaf antenna is going, imagine it as a 'drill bit' and the direction that the cutting edge of the antenna needs to rotate is how you can determine which direction your signal is sending.

cloverleaf antenna - 7.jpg

This diagram below shows you how you can tell which direction your antenna is setup.

cloverleaf antenna - 3.jpg

Below is a sample of what happens when your transmitter and receiver have a matched antenna setup correctly and what happens when you have a mismatched setup.

cloverleaf antenna - 4.jpg

For more information about Circular Polarized Antenna's check out the links below!

cloverleaf antenna - 5.jpg cloverleaf antenna - 10.jpg

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According to IBcrazy two cloverleaf's are more efficient than a SPW/CL which has become popular in the FPV community.
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I have always been using 2 cloverleafs with outstanding performance

I also have diversity but it has never been used as the cloverleaf antenna covers the area I fly within.

To test the performance compared to stock whip antennas I took my plane for a walk around my block...sometimes 2-3 houses between me and the groundstation...

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