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Community design trainer

Hi so i started designing a 3ch plane that I can hand it to a pilot with no experience. My insperation come from a cessna so I would like it to look like a cessna. I have made a prototype that has not flown successfuly yet be cause of a major cg problem that I have fixed. It has a 5 foot wing span

Now I want your input to make this easy to build and easy to fly. I want it to be capable of puting flaps and ailerons on so when the pilot becomes more experanced he or she can easily make it 4ch so they dont need to buy another plane
Right now I am using power pack C motor and a 3cell 2200 mha battery leave your suggestions in the comments and there will be hand made planes in the future because I don't know how to make a pdf one if this all works out I will make a article and list your name that you help with it.


Foam scraps? I got plenty
It looks good to me. Do you have any more pics or a flight video?

The 5 foot wing span seams like it would be a bit much. I think it would look better with a 4foot span. But that's just my opinion.