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  1. tollesding

    Tom Stanton inspired FPV trainer

    Hello everyone, Today is all about a soild bank n yank trainer i been building several times now. It is inspired by Tom Stantons built, where he used the 3d printet ribs. That means the plane has a pusher configuration which gives it the capibility to go FPV. I always built it with taped over...
  2. E

    First build complete

    Hello everyone. I’m just getting into RC planes and built myself a FT Tiny Trainer. I think she looks pretty acceptable for a newbi build. Hopefully she flies well too. Hope to do that in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for the Flite Test guys for putting out this information and making...
  3. C

    I built my first plane (FT Storch)... and now its winter... I picked a bad time to learn to fly.

    I'm just looking for friendly talk/help to help me get through this winter here in Northern Michigan. It does not permit many good flying opportunities... I had a chance to fly my Storch 1 time (the day before the snow came, and has not stopped snowing for more then a week), but crashed it many...
  4. D

    Need trainer / bush plane

    Hey everyone im new to RC planes and am looking for a good bind and fly trainer or something not to hard to put together. I likely will do a bit of snow flying so i was thinking maybe a bush style plane? I was looking at something like a bixler 3 or a Durafly Tundra...
  5. T2 OpenProjects

    New Project: Open Source 3D Printed Plane Project

    Intro (Skip if You Want!): I've been a long time lurker on these forums, but I do a fair bit of designing/building/flying of planes, and it has been a long term goal for me to embark on a project specifically for by fixed wing fans and put it up on these forums and become a contributor myself...
  6. LAZY J

    LAZY J's super simple simple Storch build "THE BUDGIE"

    Hi all! Thought I would share my recently completed build of a 3 channel modification based on the FT Simple Storch - this one has come about due to the need of something nice and simple to introduce my 10 year old nephew to the art of aeromodelling. The general goal here was a simple three...
  7. A


    So my friend and I flew his Horizon Hobby sport cub S late last summer, and he nose dived, and wrecked it. The foam in the front came off, and the tail got completely ripped off. So today I finally came around to fix it, I fixed the tail, only to find i had another problem, the throttle wouldnt...
  8. Y

    I need help with wing measurements.

    Hello! I have just recalculated my trainer and it will be 900 grams. To be safe, the wings will be 175 dm^2. I want to have an aspect ratio of ten, so 10x^2 will equal 131.25 dm^2. When I do the math, the wings are ridiculously large for no reason. How do you calculate the wing sizes from a base...
  9. Y

    Just need some help with the math.

    Hello! I am trying to design my first aircraft, and I am having problems with using the wing loading. I have decided that the plane will be 1600 grams and have a wing area of 300 dm^2. The wings will have 225 dm^2 with an aspect ratio of ten. ________________________________...
  10. M

    Prototype: Foam Board/3D printed Trainer

    Introduction About a year and a half ago I designed my first RC aircraft. A smaller high wing with a 28 inch wingspan. It was built with the intention to be a slower flying and stable trainer capable of most acrobatics. That was easily constructed with a minimum of foam board and 3D printed...
  11. Archimedian

    Balsa FT Trainer plus ram air, eliptical wing, and springs

    This plane was the second balsa airframe to carry the electronics from the FT Tiny Trainer. The goal was a comparable flight regime with landing capability. Fuse is box construction. The angled air scoop is of low efficiency, but adds structural rigidity for the castoring nosewheel which...
  12. southPOW

    Low budget Motor-Kit from China - what specs do i need for Tiny Trainer

    Hi, i am pretty new to RC flight. I never build ore flew one. Now i am a early retirement guy in his early 40th. And i struggle to get rid of the morning time. I need a Hobby ;) So i ordered a tiny trainer and hot glue gun on Saturday. I cant spend much money so i bought a used Devo 7. I...
  13. SteveRobey

    Can I slightly modify the FT Tiny Trainer?

    Hi all, I created a new thread to ask these questions because I didn't find anything applicable through searching the forum so please share links to the appropriate threads if anybody knows of one. My first question is does anybody think I could modify the trainer wing (with up turned winglets)...
  14. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT Simple Cub

    FT Simple Cub Description: Thank you for choosing the FT Simple Cub as your next FT project. Our passion at FliteTest is to introduce this great hobby to as many people as possible. It is also to make that journey as fun as possible. This design focuses on both of these goals more than...
  15. H

    New club Trainer

    Hi everyone, recently got into the hobby thanks to Flite Test and enjoy flying the TT at the park. But being the first of friends and family in the hobby, I am looking to join a MAAC club and learn properly with some help. I know this question gets asked fairly often, but was looking for a more...
  16. D

    Ft trainer uk build

    I'm returning to flying after a 6 year break and I was not that good before hand so as you can imagine I was not that confident, so I thought I would build the trainer great fun as I've never built like this before. As anyone in the UK knows we don't have Adams foamboard here so I used west's...
  17. PlaneAddicted

    Mini Telemaster Build

    My 15 year old son has been working on a Mini Telemaster for his first balsa build. He has been doing all of the work with a little help in interpenetrating the instructions(text only, no pictures). It started out a little rough with two left fuselage sides, but after that everything has gone...
  18. RCdiy

    OpenTx Taranis Wireless Training

    Taranis Wireless Trainer Link DSM2 Hardware http://rcdiy.ca/wireless-buddy-link-dsm2/ I have posted my wireless trainer link Tx modification. This uses a DSM2 CPPM micro receiver installed in the module bay at the same time as my DSMX/DSM2 Tx module. OpenTx Wireless Trainer Link Settings...
  19. C

    GYROS for planes

    Anyone have any experience with auto balancing gyros for airplanes? Can't find any good reviews for the NX3 EVO or the Hobby Eagle A3 6-axis. Wanting a gyro like the Hobby Zone safe system to use in my trainer.
  20. CarboardKings

    Cardboard Trainer

    Give us a box and a plane it shall be! Modeled after our rubber band powered plane.