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Compatibility Question

I am looking to build a mini arrow and i want to make sure that I am ordering the correct parts. Because i am new to FPV and have already fried one flight controller due to polarity mixup :p i am a little skittish and need some reassurance. Thanks for the help below are the parts i plan to use

Battery.PNG FPV.PNG Power pack.PNG Reciever.PNG Transmitter.PNG

Please let me know if these will work and any suggestions that i can make.

Thank you for your help


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Hey mbufkin, welcome to the forum!

These should all work together in an FT Arrow. You haven't listed what you plan to use as your ground station (goggles/display), but everything else should work. You will need to get either JST or XT-30 connectors/adaptors so your selected the battery and ESC can be connected up.

My only other comments are the Zippy packs are a bit on the low end of quality (but should work) and the DX6i clone transmitter is functional, but not great (light on features and DSM2 is a fairly weak protocol in the presence of noise). There are better options out there ("best radio" is a nearly religious topic that I'm not going to wade into at the moment), but this will work.

Thank you for the reply, if you dont mind could you direct me to where i can learn about how to wire the FPV cam and battery to everything? As mentioned before i have already fried some items and because of that am a scared of making more magic smoke. Also do you have any suggestions on what Cam would work better or what batteries would be a better option?

ive included a pic of my goggle bellow