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  1. Mzaher

    Part Mini Arrow Power Pod/Firewall 2023-04-28

    Might be a tight fit. Print first and check fit before build.
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  3. Mode 1

    MIni Arrow without the center pod.. How to mount the motor

    Happy Friday all, I've built 3 Mini Arrows with the center pod and love them. This week I thought i'd build a version without the center pod so I could mount larger batteries (2200's) sideways. My question is this.. What's the best way to mount the motor if you're not using the center pod...
  4. K

    Lightening Foam Board for Mini Arrow

    I just finished cutting out new foam board for a mini arrow. I will be using all of the electronics from a recently destroyed tiny trainer that was using the power pack A. I weighed a sheet of the uncut foam board that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and it is ~250 grams, which is way heavier than...
  5. New Mini Arrow

    New Mini Arrow

  6. Mini Arrow

    Mini Arrow

  7. Mini Arrow

    Mini Arrow

  8. 11-01-2019 Creating a memory with the children

    11-01-2019 Creating a memory with the children

    Flying the Mini Arrow for the first time + flying the SpiTTT fuselage with the original TT glider wing set.
  9. B

    FT Mini Arrow - Fun design variants for sharing

    FT Twin Arrow and FT Glow Arrow I have been enjoying a couple of adaptations of the FT arrow design. I made a really nice LED Glow Arrow which is great for night flying. I use the Turnigy Nanotech 1.3 3S 25-50c battery and a 2204 motor. This gives a 15min flight time, which is ages. The...
  10. WindWalkerFPV

    1st Year Flying - Crashes / Close Calls / Progression

    Please watch/like and subscribe.. I tried to keep this short but ended up w/20+ minutes of nothing but crashes and really close calls. ENJOY.
  11. C

    "maker" starting with a flying wing and going back to a trainer

    hello, all! I am dyslexic so please forgive me for any mistakes and please ask if you don't understand anything. this is my first post so first, off thank you to the Flite Test team (and people in the community) for posting their plans online for free! so now here is my story. randomly I and...
  12. C

    RACE WING FPV WITH THE MINI ARROW Hello to whom ever is checking this out! Please check them all out! Let me know what ya think as well. I'm excited to show my videos of tearing up the local parks and a couple...
  13. A


    Hi there! I'm a young kid getting into the hobby and started out by scratch building a mini arrow. I am wiring up my servos now and when I move the right stick horizontally the elevons pitch, and when I move the right stick vertically they roll. IDK if there is a way to switch channels 1 and 2...
  14. S

    FT Mini Arrow efficiency build

    WOW!! Totally blown away with some of these Arrow designs and just the forum community in general. I now have another question to ask. I have decided on my second plane, and would like to get a general idea for what to shop around for. I'd really enjoy an Arrow with some zip but also efficiency...
  15. M

    Compatibility Question

    I am looking to build a mini arrow and i want to make sure that I am ordering the correct parts. Because i am new to FPV and have already fried one flight controller due to polarity mixup :p i am a little skittish and need some reassurance. Thanks for the help below are the parts i plan to use...
  16. D

    Just Sayin' Hi!, & Mighty Mini Arrow FPV Setup

    Hi, All. Just now joined the forum, despite now going on my 5th FT build. I just started a new YouTube channel (see username), and my first vid is on how I put together my FT Mighty Mini Arrow FPV setup. When I built it two months ago, there was nothing out via a video specific to the Arrow, so...
  17. J

    First Time Scratch Build

    I am just starting to get into the hobby and am working on making a mini arrow. I decided to run out and get dollar tree foam board instead of ordering a speed build kit (bad idea?). I have had the plans printed out full scale and am about to begin construction. My question is to whether the...
  18. AltxF4

    Built and Promptly Crashed my first plane, Mini Arrow

    Hi All! I am a total Noob to RC flying bits, but after watching much on the FT channel I finally built my first ever RC plane. I Built a Mini Arrow scratch build per the tiled plans using the FPV nose. Build consisted of: - Emax MT2204 2300kV motor - Emax 12A ESC SimonK - Gemfan 5030 prop -...
  19. C

    Confused about motors for Mini Arrow

    Hi - I'm about to start building a Mini Arrow as my first ever RC plane, im in the UK so wanted to try and get all the items locally. I'm ok with most stuff but the motor selection is really confusing me. The EMaxx 2204 (Power pack F) is available here in the UK but all the info suggests its...