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Complete Noobie question on Radio

I had the opportunity to pick up an Audacity 50 heli and and a Align 450xl with a JR xp9303 radio. The radio is FM and in near mint condition as well as all the other gear. and have a good supply of servos with the unit. I picked it up for a song so thought I was getting a great deal for a beginner. My question is the FM radio still usable with current servos? I know I need a fm receiver but will current model servers work with a FM receiver. Long term I hope to build a y copter and am hoping I am not stuck. My only experience with RC was a sailpane 40 years ago. I am probably going to sell the Helis as I didn;t know how big they were. Any help,comments, tips would be appreciated,


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
If your receiver uses this type of connector, you're all set.

There should be plenty of FM receivers around. Just make sure you get the right crystals for your transmitter's channel.


Senior Member
And if you have any trouble finding receivers, you can always upgrade your radio.