Help! correct motor?


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You will have to trust Paracodespoder on this one, but here is a little insight I can offer based on researching the FliteTest power packs.

The EMax GT2215/09 1180kv motor was the original motor packaged with the FT Power Pack C. It has since been replaced with the EMax GT2215/10 1100kv.

Both of these motors will happily turn a 10x4.5 Slow Fly prop, which is packaged with both the Power Pack B and Power Pack C.

The FT Simple Scout is listed as a Power Pack B plane, which means your motor might be a bit overpowered for it, but this is where the experience of other forum members (like Paracodespoder) will be valuable. The Power Pack B motor is an EMax 2213 935kv.

Just be careful on your ESC choice. The Simple Scout Power Pack B only comes with a 20A ESC, but your motor will probably want a 30A ESC.