Could a Carbon Cub S+ tow a FliteTest foam glider?


I would like to purchase the Flight Test foam glider and I was wondering if my Carbon Cub S+ would be capable of towing it to 500 ft or so and then releasing the tow line. The guys at the airfield were skeptical. Do you think it would have enough power to tow? If so, do you have any advice about how I should do it? I assume I would start them both on the grass, keep the Cub on the ground as long as I can to get it's speed up and hopefully the glider would be more ready to lift and not pull down the Cub. But I'm a beginner and I have no idea.


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If you are talking about the FT Ez Glider or the Tiny Trainer glider then I believe it could. The FT Simple Soarer might bee too big.

Either way, this is not a beginner project. When you can fly your Cub inverted across the field, then give this a try.