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Craft Cutting Machines?


Knower of useless information
If they're anything like the Cricut machine that my wife has, the answer is no, it won't be enough to cut the foamboard; the blades just aren't set up to make a deep enough cut. In addition, it may actually cause binding in the machine; most of the mechanics inside are meant to cut cardstock or vinyl thickness, not foamboard. :(

It's a good idea, but in reality, it's not designed for it - and modding one to do so might be more expense than it's worth. Like @Brett_N said, you really need the MPCNC instead.
modified with a needle cutter - maybe - but as sprzout mentioned, the "cutting blades" aren't up to the task of cutting more than about 1mm. They're really thin and "brittle" for lack of a better term, in order to make round cuts.

Might be worth a try with a needle cutter if you can get one on there, but the MPCNC is a better deal less than $300