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So, fairly new fpv drone pilot with only an iFlight Nazgul5 4s drone and a taranis qx7 Tx and eachine ev800D Goggles. I'm thinking of going a little further range so I have chosen a couple of antennas to upgrade from the stock antennas which I'll link at the bottom in case anyone would mind just checking that they are good quality compared to stock. Anyway, I obviously need to increase the Tx range as well if I want to actually go further as well as improve my video quality relatively close range. So the obvious option would be to go with crossfire? I am eying up a TBS crossfire micro module on ebay which I'm pretty sure will go into my taranis qx7 but how hard is it to set up? I always thought it just slotted into the back and away you go with increased range but now I'm not sure so I guess my questions are - Do you need to take the Tx apart and solder something in there? Do you have to do some sort of configuration on a laptop? Does it require soldering anything else to the drone or will it just work by slotting the module in? Basically, can I just slot it in and away we go otherwise I won't bother.

Antenna to go on the actual Drone -
Antennas to go on the goggles -

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It's also totally dependent on how old your QX7 is. The newer ones should support it, but the old ones need the included board soldered on. It does require some soldering skill, but if you're patient and drink some water before (yes really), you should be fine. After that, pop the module in, configure it in the LUA script you flash on the radio or through the TBS Agent X and bind to the Nano RX and you're good to go.