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Custom Tiny Whoop Build (I need Advice)

Jason of Gaming

Gravity is heartless...
First off: I have a FlySkyI6 TX, and don't have the money to buy a different one. I also have a 250 quad and an Eachine QX70.

My QX70 is really fun to fly, but it has it's quirks, its a little under powered, and incredibly fragile. (Held together by hot glue and hope) I really wanted a torrent on 2s, but my parents didn't really want that in the house... Instead I want a normal sized tiny whoop. (The QX70 was, oddly, a bit bigger than your typical tiny whoop.) But now, we have to remember I have a Fly Sky... Which means there aren't many Tiny Whoop BNFs I can use. After some research I think I want a BLADE Inductrix FPV Pro, but I have to custom make it with a Fly Sky RX/FC board. I came up with a parts list, but I'm not sure how well some of these will fit together.

I would really like someone with some free time and some good tiny whoop knowledge to go through my parts list and tell me if it checks out or if something needs to be changed. Also, I would like a frame stiffener, but I don't know if a standard one would fit.

I would like if someone could tweak my parts list, but all feedback is appreciated! Thanks for your time!
PS: I have included a set of wires in the parts list, that's so I can solder the right connector to my FC for the batteries.

Parts list:







EDIT: I am going to use these motors instead: https://www.banggood.com/4X-Racerst...141773.html?rmmds=detail-top-buytogether-auto and I think I'll get this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FPV-Micro-C...op-/262730781103?_trksid=p2385738.m2548.l4275 as my camera. Does that work? I think so.
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I'm not a pro, but i built my own tiny whoop and from what i see is that you could buy a cheaper better camera on either tiny whoops site or evan amazon (or banggood). Also just to make sure you know you would have to solder the camera and battery lead on. From what I can tell you have everything you need and it should be compatible.

Jason of Gaming

Gravity is heartless...
Thanks, I'll go look for one. Although I'm no pro at soldering, I can do a few wires. Also, would a frame stiffener sized for an Inductrix work with that frame? What I was really worried about was the FC not having enough clearance on the frame, especially with the USB in a different place than stock. Thanks for the quick reply!

Your parts list looks good. The only advice that I could (selfishly) offer you is that if your Flysky transmitter supports AFHDS 2A (which I believe that it does) then you could buy the beecore board cheaper off of me (see my listing posted in the for sale section). I accidentally bought the one you have linked thinking that I was going to go with a FlySky transmitter, and then I ended up buying a Spektrum instead, so I have a FlySky compatible Beecore board that I don't need! Shoot me a PM if you want to pick it up from me.

The only other advice that I an give you is keep the weight down! I used a Eachine TX-03 and some of their 240mah batteries on my build and with all that equipment loaded, it flies heavy (I am still using stock Eachine props though).

Jason of Gaming

Gravity is heartless...
Panden, I feel really, really bad saying this, but I can't buy it off of you, try putting it on ebay or something, thanks for the advice though.

EDIT: Does anyone know if a standard tiny whoop stiffener will work with the frame? And I might just transplant the camera from my QX70 to the custom Inductrix pro I'm making.

EDIT 2: I should be able to use this stiffener here, do you think it is to much weight? If not, what specs should I choose: https://www.banggood.com/CNC-3K-Pur...143360.html?rmmds=detail-top-buytogether-auto

EDIT 3: Wow, a lot of edits. Anyways, I think I will buy this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/FPV-Micro-C...op-/262730781103?_trksid=p2385738.m2548.l4275 as a camera because I forgot I want a whip and my QX70 is CP.

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It's not a problem Jason. I'm not in that big of a hurry to get rid of it. I just thought I'd offer it to you if you're looking to save a few bucks. I totally understand though.

Regarding the camera you chose, I think I'm going to have to get something like that as well. I can say that the TX-03 from Eachine is too heavy for my liking (it's 6 grams with a CP vs 3.8g for the one you listed). From looking at youtube, it looks like a lot of people are recommending those "crazypony" type cameras that you linked.

Tell me more about the frame stiffener idea. I see you've asked about it a couple times now. What is it supposed to do for the quad (just make it tougher? help in flight?)


Matt P

Jason of Gaming

Gravity is heartless...
That's good Matt, the frame stiffener: - https://www.banggood.com/CNC-3K-Pur...143360.html?rmmds=detail-top-buytogether-auto - is supposed to hold the motor mounts together better, since all that's holding them in is three little bars of plastic. On my QX70, 2/3 of the plastic bits on each motor is hot glued, so I think that it may be a good idea, but it adds weight and normal tiny whoops have shorter motors and stronger frames. So yeah, its basically making the quad stronger against crashes involving the motors/motor holders being impacted. Do you think its worth it?

By the way, if you find a camera that might be lighter, better, or cheaper, be sure to send me a link!