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Cut the sponge and make a protective box for the radio control.

Hi guys,
I have a Radiolink (AT9S) radio control. I made a protective box for it. I put Inside the box, the laser-cut sponge layers. I was eager to share this file with others so they could use it if they wished. The format of this file is Cdr (related to CorelDRAW software). I hope you interested in using it.
The CorelDRAW file is zipped.;)


I would love to do this same thing for my spectrum dx6. How did you go about making the black outlines for each slice of foam?
There are two ways to do this.
1- Using the default DX6 protection box (obtaining dimensions from the original sample).
2- Obtaining dimensions through the mind and using a caliper and ruler.

I used the first method.
I obtained the exact dimensions from the factory default box using the caliper and ruler (similar to Figure 1).
Once the image is drawn on the paper with the exact dimensions, scan it and open in CorelDROW softwaret and convert it to vector.

If I had the exact dimensions at different levels, I would have prepared the file for you.
Also, for this model of radio control, there are different types of protective boxes in the market (Look at to below links).


You need to find out which method is more affordable.


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