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Dat Rhino

You certainly can combine the parts, but there is no way to easily remove the motor if you need to work on it or replace it.

The idea behind the separate parts:
1: Screw the motor to the mount.
2: Zip-Tie the mount between the mount plates.
3: Glue the assembly to the wing plates focusing the glue on the mount plates rather than the mount proper.
Now If you had to take the motor off for whatever reason, you would just cut the Zip-Ties, do what you need to do then Zip-Tie it back into place.

It would work either way though.
No problem brother.
If someone wants to have a removable motor, they can just make one out of wood.

I'm packing the truck up now and headed to FF.
It must be nice...:cry:

Here is the maiden flight of the VFA-103 skin...
Actually, this is the second toss of the first battery. The first throw was a single slow pass during which I found out as soon as it left my hand the Elevon mixing had too much elevator bias and not enough aileron. It was still easy to fly, I just did not like the feel.

With the 75-80% throttle cap it seemed to fly about the same as the skinless Rhino which is much lighter. This is also running on 3s. I will do a 4s test run at some point.

Sorry about the commentary. I had a couple of spectators and I did not feel like editing the vid.
The VFA-103 Jolly Rogers version 1 skins are now live.(y)
See the second post in this thread.

I changed the formatting a bit on the full sized prints.
There are (4) 32x22" sheets with a 30x20" border.
Sheets 01-03 are to be glued to foamboard and then cut to shape.
Sheet 04 is backside skins which are NOT glued to foamboard, but rather cut out and glued to the back of already cut parts.

The tiled prints are formatted to make the least amount of seams, not the least amount of sheets. You will have a lot of waste if you do not cut the shapes down before you glue them to foam. The Online Labels self adhesive paper makes the tiled prints a breeze if you are printing these yourself.

As always, if you have any questions just ask.