Solved Dead Motor Problem Solved - thanks Skip!


Hi everyone - so the motor on my Parkzone Sport Cub wasn't working and I assumed that the ESC had failed. I dutifully replaced the ESC and VOILA, the motor was still dead!

What I DID notice was that the ESC connection sound was a different pattern to usual. Anyway after about an hour of searching, I found this guy Skip on YouTube and in this video: he shows how to fix the problem. I followed his instructions on my Spektrum DX6 and now the motor runs perfectly.

What Skip doesn't do is to explain WHY this hack works - I'd be interested to hear your thoughts!!


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Interesting on the video but, I have always read that you should adjust you throttle trim all the way down and leave it there on a electric plane. If the throttle is up while plugging in the battery. The throttle is locked out as a safety measure. Take the prop off as a safely measure, put the throttle half way up, and plug in your battery, I think you will see that you can not get the motor to work until you have moved the throttle to "zero" and back up