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defective charger ?


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I just put it on storage, what's strange is yesterday the 380 cell was in the middle, now it shows all the way to the right.
That is strange, your cell readings should stay in the same position. What balance plug board is plugged into the charger. There are a few different styles of boards and some configurations are really weird and I don't know where some of these would be used but mine have a EH stamped on them. I know when I searched for a new one there are a lot that look the same but the printed board is different.


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I just put it on storage, what's strange is yesterday the 380 cell was in the middle, now it shows all the way to the right.
The way the picture shows, that looks like you are not hooking the balance connector into the charger properly. I'm assuming that's a 3 cell battery?

The way that should show is the top 3 are cells 1-3 going from left to right, and the bottom would be cells 4-6 left to right (assuming you had a battery larger than 3 cells). The way that is displaying is how it would normally look if you hooked a 4 cell up and the first cell would have a charge on it. I used to have an Accucell charger that had a display like that.


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Look on the side of the charger next to the balance connector and it should hopefully be labeled with pins 1-6. You want to line up Pin 1 of the battery balance connector to Pin 1 of the balance connector on the charger.
I always use balance not charge.
Are you absolutely sure, the reason why I suspect your not is because cell 1 and 3 should stop at about approximately 3.85because cell 2 is becoming much lower than cell 1 and 3 so the charger discharges cell 1 and 3 down to 3.80 just like cell 2, then it charges all cells 1,2 3 and if cell 2 stays the same (3.80) and the others rise again the charger will balance again discharging cell 1 and 3 back down to the level of cell 2, that is balancing, keep all cells the same or very very close to each other, the charger should never let a sell be that far apart in balance mode.


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ok so I unplugged everything the plugged it in again. now it's reading correctly. I do not have any kind of board. just have the battery plugged into the charger with the small 4 wires and the larger 2 wires.



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Simon K firmware is for old quad builds, it usually eliminates the low batt cut off as multi rotors drop out the sky with that!
I only use Skywalker or Hobbyking fixed wing ones, Emax ones will likely have it to. You could probably re flash the ones you have. I avoid those as I am lazy.
1c is best for charge rate on lipo, take Capacity in Mah, divide by 1000 so the 850’s would be 0.9A charge rate, and the 2200 would be 2.2A.