Delta wings - flat vs aidfoil.

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I printed a pair of 1106 based EDF’s a few weeks ago. They actually work ok, and I’d like to put them in something other than the test wing I made for my Twin Sparrow. Looking at doing something like a EuroFighter Typhoon. And looking around at what other people have done with deltas, they all seem to be flat sheets of foam without a airfoil. Is there a issue doing a folded over spar, wing like most FT designs, other than weight? Or should I just do it like the Viggen? Thinking something like this


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So flay sheets at an angle end up creating a pocket that forms effectively a wingfoil ariflow, and subsequent lift. In a round about way like a Kline Foggelman Wing type.

the canards on the plane create a slight upward force, maintaining the slight upward angle of attack, maintaining the flat plate lifting.

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I built my first FoamBoard plane, a versa wing couple months ago & I do really like symmetrical airfoils and how the behave, so I have been building symmetrical versa wings, Clean Pusher build, No power pods everything is inside the wing...2212 2200kv cheapie motor kits off ebay for $15 a 2200mah 3S and it screams...the symmetrical airfoil makes it barrel roll like it is on a wire, the plane behaves the same inverted as right side can punch out for the ceiling as long as you dare, I go till I cant see it anymore, I cut the power and wait for it ....hahaha
Im building a new wing today with the same design but going to try to inject some insulation foam inside the center area for structural support I am almost ripping the darn wings off these little screamers, after a while they get a little weak from my abuse in the center where the wing halves join...if the foam injection works as I hope I may bolt on a quality 450 heli motor I have in the parts drawer and run 4S
I just hope I dont blow the surfaces apart when the insulation expands

Im all onboard for symmetrical airfoils....even semi-symmetrical are fun flyers
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