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Devo f12e to laptop communication issue

Hi all
first of all seasons greetings to all

I have a storm drone six with a Devention F12e transmitter, walkera RX707 reciever
and a gopro through a walkera G-3DH gymbal

I am having trouble getting anything back from my multi rotor through the usb cable
any help appreciated

I have checked all connections
I do have positive binding (I can move the gymbal with the transmitter)and the reciever light holds red
I can not arm the motors
I do not get GPS lock
I do have power to the Naza v2
I am connecting to the micro usb located on the LED block
The LED turns green when I connect

I do have the assistant software
but I get nothing back from the Naza


Winter is coming
I'm not familiar with that hardware/platform, but most naza flight controllers connect to a computer for USB communications. Your title implies you're connecting the naza fc to your transmitter, which is unusual.

You might need to detail the specific connections between components. There are naza experts here who can help if you change the title to include naza.

Welcome to the ft community!
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