Different ways to set up a twin engine?


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I was wondering how you would go about setting up a twin engine, and I eventually did figure out how, but I was wondering if it would be possible to hook up 2 motors to the same ESC or to use two different batteries for each ESC. The first alternative probably wouldn't work, but the second might. Any ideas? Also, How is taking out the voltage wires to the receiver for one ESC even necessary if you want a bigger voltage flow to more servos?


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you cannot run 2 motors off a brushless ESC. you can run 2 batteries, one for each but then you run the risk of one battery not being as good the other and 1 motor drops off before the other. i personally never remove the signal wire on the ESC and have never had an issue with doing so. i always salvage parts so i hate dealing with a ESC that has had a wire removed. There was an article in the AMA mag a few months ago that spoke about this and they came to the conclusion that if you are running the same ESC, same amps, then it really wasn't needed.

as for setup, i always use diff thrust and counter rotating props on my twins.


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For the record, over 50 flights on my seaduck with both esc's powering the reciever, no negative effects so far. At least if 1 esc fails I will still have power to the reciever. It is a more stable power solution then 2 reciever batteries that I do on my big stuff.
2 batteries is not suggested on a twin, you need the power to be the same to each esc, otherwise 1 motor will turn faster then the other. No 2 batteries are identical.
1 esc 2 motors would work on brushed motors, but not brushless.