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Disturbing trouble at flying field

I have seen it happen as a kid, The one member was big into his large scale biplanes and this being the days before 2.4ghz systems there was a long aerial down the fuselage. Now Roger ran all is aerial's internally for scale looks and sometimes there was a small length out the back. He did a range check in the pits, taxied out to the strip, did a last full power check, stood behind the plane and took off. At the end of the strip his beautiful Pitts rolled slowly on its back to the cheers from the pit area and sunk down into the barbed wire fence on the perimeter of the field. Roger stood there calmly, switched off his Tx and started the walk of shame as he stepped, head hung low, he noticed he had stepped on the aerial and as he took off the aerial stayed behind thus causing the loss of range at the end of the strip...


Senior Member
Re-solder it put some CA/glue on it and do some range check. Als wiggle the antenna wire arround a couple times while moving your controll surfaces so you can see if it loses signal or not. I personally would not trust this but for a few weeks it should be ok!
I would be a little careful with the CA glue. When I used to fix electronic gear for a living this stuff used to corrode the tracks on boards. Not sure if the foamsafe glue is better though.:)Con