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Dive bombing with my FT Spitfire !

Hello everyone !

I had the idea to drop some bombs with my FT Spitfire. Searching on the web I found a video FliteTest made about a very simple droping system. Here is the video :

So I made this system and put it on the belly of my plane. 15 minutes later it was ready to go ! And I did some very fun things, like droping paper toilet, dive bombing my car with nerf darts, or bombing heavy darts at a higher altitude. It was very fun and simple to make !!

Here is a small video I made :

Hope you will like it haha :) I was thinking, it would be AWESOME to have a FT Stuka, with a built-in bomb trap with a servo to drop bombs. It would be an incredible design !!! I would love to start thinking about the plans. Anyone knows what software they use to make the plane model and then get some templates from it ?

See you next time !

The Hangar

Well-known member
Cool! @nerdnic has a 6-part video series showing how to design foam board airplanes. He used adobe illustrator but Inkscape works and is free. In video 1 he says what software flitetest uses, but that was three years ago so it could be different now. Good luck!

Matthew Sanders

Well-known member
Nice! Looks like fun! My spitfire is in bed recovering from a disastrous crash. My rubber bands broke mid-flight, and the wing fell off! And I crashed. Cosmetic and accordion fuselage damage only! Also a broken propeller! I may get another one and glue the wing on. I'd love to do this! Great Job