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Dive bombing with my FT Spitfire !

Hello everyone !

I had the idea to drop some bombs with my FT Spitfire. Searching on the web I found a video FliteTest made about a very simple droping system. Here is the video :

So I made this system and put it on the belly of my plane. 15 minutes later it was ready to go ! And I did some very fun things, like droping paper toilet, dive bombing my car with nerf darts, or bombing heavy darts at a higher altitude. It was very fun and simple to make !!

Here is a small video I made :

Hope you will like it haha :) I was thinking, it would be AWESOME to have a FT Stuka, with a built-in bomb trap with a servo to drop bombs. It would be an incredible design !!! I would love to start thinking about the plans. Anyone knows what software they use to make the plane model and then get some templates from it ?

See you next time !

The Hangar

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Cool! @nerdnic has a 6-part video series showing how to design foam board airplanes. He used adobe illustrator but Inkscape works and is free. In video 1 he says what software flitetest uses, but that was three years ago so it could be different now. Good luck!

Matthew Sanders

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Nice! Looks like fun! My spitfire is in bed recovering from a disastrous crash. My rubber bands broke mid-flight, and the wing fell off! And I crashed. Cosmetic and accordion fuselage damage only! Also a broken propeller! I may get another one and glue the wing on. I'd love to do this! Great Job


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let's make it a little more fun¡¡¡

It is made with a firecracker nº-4, a pair of fat washers, fast wick and powder of firecrackers of a strip and fulminant of the toy guns
I'll hang up manufacturing tutorial
this is the third attempt and the one in the picture is a friend

this is the bomb of the second test



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hehe I thought you hit something with the plane and it was going down after hearing the thump of the drop release. then the scene changed back to the plane but that was a neat fake out hehe.
Haha, well... TBH...

while there aren't any crashes, that was not one consecutive flight. (I don't have that many cameras lol) Its a compilation of about a dozen flights that afternoon all edited to tell one cohesive story... the magic of editing. :LOL: