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Diving into the deep endSn


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Like a lot of the posts I've seen, I am interested in 250 racing quads. I recently purchased a Carbon Fiber frame from a local shop, and have mounted the motors. I'm now looking to add the ESCs and trying to understand the necessary steps involved when setting them up. It's like drinking from a fire hydrant. Too much info, too fast.

I believe my mind is made up to purchase the Luminier Mini 20A ESCs for my quad, and they are equipped with BEC. The person that sold me the quad has told me that I need to shut off the BEC in 3 of the 4 ESCs, but my efforts to find information on how to do this have failed. There seem to be thousands of videos on line telling you how to set them up, but I still haven't located anything that tells me how to shut off the BEC on an ESC.

Anyone out there with a way to do this?


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Hey hector, Welcome to the forum!

You don't "Shut off" the BEC so much as "disconnect". The BEC provides the rest of the control system power via the middle wire (typically red) in signal cable that connects between the ESC and Flight controller or Receiver (FC, in this case). Simply pull the middle wire out of the servo plug and tape/heat shrink it back against the wire. This way you disconnect the unneeded BECs but still easily reverse the change later.


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Awesome. Thanks for the info. I'm sure the guy in the shop is a great salesman, and he's attempting to get me back in the store to buy more stuff by telling me that it's a complicated process, but I don't live very close to the shop and would like to try and do this stuff without having to drive back and forth every weekend.

Much appreciated.