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Help! DIY? Flaperons and Differential Thrust.

Are there any articles or tutorials that cover how to wire and connect Flaperons and differential thrust? I'm using a 6 channel 2.4g rig.
My test plane is an old Das Ugly Stick converted to electric.


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are you using a flight controller or going to be using channel mixing on your TX?

what exact model of TX and RX do you have? (different name-brands have different configurations).

For my spectrum, there are a few simple setup steps when you setup the model and it gives you flaperons and differential thrust. I even did a V-tail and it was basically just one of the wing/tail config setups screens when setting up the model initially.

I got my son a FlySky (much cheaper) and it has the same options, just in much different locations and which channel is which on the RX is different.


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yup, you would need 2 more channels to get flaperons + differential thrust. You would end up needing to setup some mixes on your TX to get it all working or use a flight controller (which would just be doing the mixing on the board along with everything else it does). If you search google for 'FlySky flaperon setup' you should be able to find some examples on how to do it.