DIY FT Simple Cub and Build video


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Hi all,

I am building a FT simple Cub from scratch, and the build video is very helpful.

But I think I am missing a point, about power pod and battery position.
In the beginning of the video the ESC is placed under the power pod (between the two holes) and the battery should then go inside the pod by the top hatch (12:09).
But a the end of the video, (1h21:19) we can see that the battery is placed under the pod, and we cannot see the esc anymore on the image.

So, battery inside or under the pod ?
Battery inside the pod may be hard to insert due to the servos, but is there any risk of overheat if you put the ESC inside the pod ?

Any advice will be appreciate ;-)



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....So, battery inside or under the pod ?....
Exactly where everything goes is a matter of personal choice. As long as everything fits and you can get the CG where it needs to be, you will be good.

I generally put the ESC & Rx inside the power pod. And the battery under the power pod.


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Thanks for your feedback.

It actually makes sense to have the battery easier to replace, if there is no risk of overheating the ESC, I think I will go that way too.