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DIY Simple FPV Pan/Tilt Setup - BUILD


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Here's an ultra cheap DIY pan and tilt setup made with spare parts, wood, tape and of course... hot glue! A simple design that is servo driven and allows you to have pan and tilt movement for your FPV video camera.

diy pan tilt - 1.jpg diy pan tilt - 2.jpg

Here's the parts list:
2 X Pieces of wood 26mm x 5mm x 90mm
1 X Wood dowel ⅝” X ⅝” (16mm X 16mm)
1 X Hobby Plywood 1/16” (1.5mm)
1 X 1mm Piano Wire
1 X 2mm Piano Wire
1 X Steering Arm
2 X Linkage Stoppers
1 X Zip Tie (8”)
2 X Servos
Hot Glue
Extreme Packing Tape


Chad designed this pan and tilt setup for specifically for our Fat Shark Head Tracker Review and needed to create it fast and cheap.

diy pan tilt - 3.jpg diy pan tilt - 2-2.jpg

Since that episode, we've revised this 'do it yourself' pan/tilt setup and made it function even better.

diy pan tilt - 5.jpg diy pan tilt - 4.jpg

We tried to use parts that every RC pilot might have available in their shop. Obviously, any of these components can be replaces with parts that you have available.

pan tilt - 9.jpg diy pan tilt - 5.jpg

Even the hinge setup is created with some hobby plywood and tape, because not everyone has extra airplane flap hinges available.. and the hobby plywood and tape is easier.

diy pan tilt - 7.jpg diy pan tilt - 8.jpg

Setting up your pan and tilt you will want to pay attention to the throws and how your pushrods are attached to your servos. More throw will cause less 'resolution' and less throw will give you better resolution.

diy pan tilt - 9.jpg diy pan tilt - 1-1.jpg

Digital servos are the best choice for this type of FPV setup because they offer better resolution. The resolution referes to the steps or 'stops' you get as the servo moves. The more steps (resolution) means smoother pan and tilting movement.

pan tilt - 10.jpg pan tilt - 11.jpg

Again, this is just one way of designing an ultra cheap, super simple pan and tilt setup for your radio controlled FPV flyer.

If you have a setup that you've designed, share it here, in the forum, and if you've made this setup be sure to post it so we can check it out!

See this Head Tracking setup in action here:

DIY GoPro Hero3 - Video Cable:

To Learn More About Simple FPV:
I can see how the camera moves up and down, but not how it moves left and right. Any chance of a video of the unit working to see where my limited imagination is missing something?
Brilliant website - you have given me so many ideas, and so much fun and entertainment. Keep up the great work.
Well, that was quick. The video wasn't there when I posted my comment above, and then a minute later I got the email notification of a new video posted. I should have more faith in you guys, you haven't let us down yet! I see where I was going wrong. I thought the servo for left and right movement was fastened to the baseplate - it isn't, it rotates with the camera mount.
First go at it.

It is kind of sloppy but it works. I haven't took her out for a flight. I have not even flown FPV yet maybe I put the cart before the horse. At least I can use it to record a flight or two if it isn't to shaky. thanks for the great video. I'm a big fan and have absorbed alot from your site and scratch build plans. 1470881377162-1503596401.jpg 1470881442327-592354769.jpg 1470881471423-1083955720.jpg 1470881538976-737515451.jpg 1470881561179740925367.jpg