DJI Releases Mavic Air


Gravity Tester
Today DJI released their newest drone, the Mavic Air. It is smaller than the Mavic Pro and larger than the Spark, but apparently folds to smaller than the Spark. I guess we now know why the Mavic Pro was not just called the Mavic.


Here are a couple features:

-4K 30fps video at 100 Mbps
-3 axis camera gimbal
-Sensors for obstacle detection
-21 min max flight time
-1080p 120fps slow mo
-Starts at $800
-A bunch of other software features

You can read more about the features on DJIs product page here. There is also an RCGroups thread with more details here.

As someone who has been considering purchasing a Mavic Pro in the near future, I may reevaluate my decision. I will have to compare the two to see which features will be missing or gained. Let me know what you think.