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Help! Do Fatsharks need antennas to see picture?

This is a WiFi GPS drone I’m using so it doesn’t really have connection issues tbh. I live in a decently sized condensed city and my range is actually pretty darn good on 2.4 in my crowded back yard. I can connect to 9 different WiFi’s from my room alone.
I ordered stuff from Banggood forever ago and checked my tracking the other day. Still in the same place it was a week ago. So...never again lol. I like GetFPV they’re fast as hell and they are quick with support. I ordered an antenna from them and got it the next day on standard shipping. Was pretty impressed. Don’t mind spending the extra cash for better service. And the range on this thing is surprisingly good. I haven’t been out in the open with it yet but it says it’s max is like 1.4 miles. And I’ve gone pretty far in the city.
Stupid question but some very rare hdmi cables only work one way, just to make sure try swapping that round. I dont understand the whys or wherefores but it's somthing I've noticed.
Well, that makes sense lol. I’m in the US and yes I’m well aware of all the regulations I got it registered and what not and I use the B4Ufly app by the FAA that shows me all the places that are restricted. The adapter I got came with an HDMI cord and the one end that connects to the adapter is regular sized. And the other end is a mini
Have you tried playing a video from the phone through the goggles? It would rule out that connection and point to the WiFi side of things or it might show the phone to goggle connection is at fault.
I have not tried that because I haven’t seen any picture when I plug the phone into my goggles. There were a couple times I was getting picture but as I said yesterday to the others helping me it was breaking up horribly. And the super weird thing was I was seeing a screen on the goggles that was on my phone almost as if it was a settings window that came up on my phone. And on the goggles I could see the menu that was being displayed but on my phone there was no menu. Yet on the goggles I could clearly see a settings menu. Weird stuff. Lol
I know Apple's are a nightmare. I'm really sorry it's out of my scope of experience.

I would try to get a video playing first, it sounds like the phone to goggle connection is the issue.

I assume you've tried plugging in then turning on and also turning on then plugging in.

Maybe the phone needs to be powered down then turned on again, I know my parents iPad gets some funny connection issues that are solved with a power cycle.
I shall give er another go.
Oop! Got picture. Restarted my phone and connected to my 5G WiFi instead of my regular WiFi when I started it up. But the picture is flickering like crazy


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I do not know much about what you are doing but if you do not have antennas on your FatSharks you will not get a signal from the receiver. YOU MUST HAVE ATENNAS ON your goggles.
I’m hardwired so the video should be going straight from my phone to the goggles it’s a little annoying lol my goggles are virtually just a screen atm and nothing more since I’m hardwired trying to transfer the main source to the goggles.
I’ll try messing with the channels see if that does anything. And I crimped one of my antennas last night for my right side but the diversity module is completely shut off anyway when hardwired.
There is a specific way of getting the picture. You were right about having to reset the power source (my phone) each time I plan on connecting to the goggles. You plug the HdMi into the adapter and then the goggles before anything. Then plug the power bank in then to the phone. And the picture comes up every time. But still with the black lines. It’s a stable picture now. Just have the black lines still. And if you do the process any other way. It won’t come up. It’s really finicky lol.
Don't use a charger to power stuff it's likely to fry both things lol.

I'm just throwing some problem solving out there, unfortunately I think I'm out of ideas on the lines but at least you're nearly there.

Is the frequency set right? Screen frequency I mean, I know something's have a setting 50hz or 60hz etc, that may help.
Lol ok


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Okay so I retried what you did turned everything off and reset it. Some weird things happened. 1st, I got picture. But it was breaking up horribly it never stayed true once. And then I turned it off a few times kept getting the scraggly lines and a faint picture. Then I tried doing it again and I got a QR code come up on the screen in the HDMI input.
that might be an issue with video display from the Parrot Bebop. Wifi video connections aren't the greatest, and tend to lag horribly. I had a Blade Glimpse that had Wifi capabilities to capture pictures and video in flight, but it was consistently 1-2 seconds behind the movement (when it actually managed to connect up).

It could be either connection, or possibly that the app itself will not allow output through the lightning to HDMI adapter, for HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) reasons. Can you connect your phone through the adapter to a TV, and does that work? Have you tried connecting say, a DVD/Blu-Ray player to your goggles to see if a video feed comes through via the HDMI?