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Does anyone have a recommended GPS Tracker?

Hi! I'm rather new to the forum and I've been looking around since my last mishap with my quadcopter. The quad sustained damage to the receiver and continued to fly, flying away from me into the sunset. I never found it. :(

Having learned from this experience, I am looking for a GPS tracker that I can use that is cheap and reliable. I don't need anything fancy that does a return to home or anything. What I am really looking for is:

-It runs independently of the Flight battery
-Has an easy to use interface (maybe sending data to Google Maps?)
-If at ALL avoidable, doesn't require a data plan from a cell service (I'm not sure if that is avoidable, as I am inexperienced with GPS devices.)

Thank you so much for any helpful replies.
ft uses this one its just gps tracker but its a pretty good one according to ft but the best part is the price 25 bucks is probally the cheapest quality GPS tracker. but if you want something more thane just a GPS try apm they have return to home,GPS lock,mapping (if you get the new one) and a lot of other stuff.
hope this helps

Thats pretty good, but it only has a 100 foot radius. It relies on Bluetooth :/ Thanks though! really handy for small quads and heli's!

Any Others?


Some guy in the desert
David W used an ebay cheapie on his near space flight. They're bigger and heavier...but since they work over the cell network they have much better range (as long as it comes down within cell range.) You can usually get by without a "data plan" by using a pre-paid card, most of them only need to be able to send and receive SMS messages so you only need the cheapest pre-paid card you can find that allows for SMS. And those can usually be found in the $20 range if you shop around.

On a larger frame that will be going longer distances they're a good option. On something smaller like a mini then something like a tile is a good option since they're smaller...but won't go as far.

It's a far more expensive option but if you're running an FPV transmitter (or telemetry) there's also this option: