1. speedfix


    Hey guys made this Google Sheet that I will be updating every few days with good RC Aviation deals and thought I should share it on here. Some of these deals are 100 or more dollars off!
  2. B

    Duet salvage: scratch build

    Hey! I’m new to the forum! So I had just finished building my second viggen, except this one was my first scratch build. After seeing that it IS possible to do it, I just bought some extra foam and started hacking away at whatever popped into my head! My first “free form” project was a chuck...
  3. foamboardflyer

    Help! Affordable airbrush

    I was wondering if Anyone has experience with airbrushes, and if you could recommend a good airbrush that’s not 500 bucks, And maybe share some tips and tricks for someone who has only ever used the $20.00 tester kit (which sucks)
  4. zhengning95

    FLYSKY FS I6 Custom Paint Job (Sticker Bomb)

    This is my first time performing Hydrodipping on my Flysky FS-I6, which explains the poor transfer on the back of the TX. Nonetheless, this weekend project was inspired and motivated by Fuzzy Whumpkin from this...
  5. zhengning95

    Flysky FS I6 Custom Paint Job

    This is my first time performing Hydrodipping on my Flysky FS-I6, which explains the poor transfer on the back of the TX. Nonetheless, this weekend project was inspired and motivated by Fuzzy Whumpkin from this thread:
  6. tesseract

    Solved *Solved

    I am in need of a very cheap RC TRainer plane and I'm not that keen on scratchbuilding as I'm low on glue. Something under 75$, and small. Does anyone have a suggestion of which plane I should get? Thanks in advance!! If you can read this, you can eat a cookie :>
  7. tesseract

    Solved *Solved

    I NEED HELP O FLITETEST GODS! Hey guys! I need some help. 1) can I please have plans that a beginner can make that works with the a-pack? I do not have a laser cutter, hotwire cutter, or etc. I only have a craft knife and glue. Can you flitetest gods give me a plan that uses no more that 1 1/4...
  8. cloudseeder

    Is this plane for real or scam????

    I stumbled upon a 5000kv equipped modern-fighter themed plane that *appears* to have impeccable performance. It land on water/land, waterproof if gets submerged, has Spektrum’s AS3X plus SAFE-select , can even ascend a 45 degree rocky slope on its belly, and appears very sturdy. Seems perfect...
  9. Jonny Gum

    Super Light 3D Foam Board Profile Plane for indoor and outdoor Insanity!

    If you’ve never seen or heard of one of these lightweight 3D planes, look up a video of the Twisted Hobbies Crack Laser. These models pack a huge performance into a small plane! However, some of these airframes will run you over 80$... so to save some money, but still get insane performance...
  10. S

    New to heli's

    Hello not sure if I should post this in this board or not but I figured you guys are the experts. I am looking around at some heli's and I see tons of 3.5 and 4 channel options. Whats the difference? Second my budget isnt very high and I would like a heli with swappable batteries. I have a...
  11. southPOW

    Low budget Motor-Kit from China - what specs do i need for Tiny Trainer

    Hi, i am pretty new to RC flight. I never build ore flew one. Now i am a early retirement guy in his early 40th. And i struggle to get rid of the morning time. I need a Hobby ;) So i ordered a tiny trainer and hot glue gun on Saturday. I cant spend much money so i bought a used Devo 7. I...
  12. muteFPV

    Cheap and Easy DIY illuminated air gates for micro quads (Part 1 of DIY airgates)

    (Part 1: Fast & Cheap DIY airgates) When trying to improve your skills of flying a micro quad, nothing compares to flying in a more restricted, tight and challenging route. In other words, some kind of a race course. This is where airgates come in handy. Gates which you can move around and...
  13. R

    DIY Foamboard CNC foam cutter

    Hey Guys, I've been wanting to build a CNC for a long while. I've tried one last year, just like the one in this video: but had a lot of problems with jagged movement. This week I decided to scavange all parts I had laying around and start a new...
  14. TestMaster

    Cheap FPV

    Hey guys, I've been into the hobby for a while now and, recently, I've been wanting to fly FPV really badly but I'm not able to afford the cost. This is when I thought I could try to hook up a standard FPV camera to my phone and place the phone in a cheap, cardboard VR headset. The problem is, I...
  15. P

    DTF (almost) foamboard in the UK

    After buying loads of foamboard from various companies in the UK, trying to find one that is as light as DTF and has a paper surface that peels like DTF, and is relatively cheap, I have to admit, I've failed. However, the last box I bought is the closest so far. It is lighter than most, the...
  16. flyingsquirrelRC

    Super simple and cheap gimbal system

    I was wondering why everyone needs gimbals with motors/servos and a electronic circuit. Why don't people just put a weight on the bottom of the camera to make sure it always points up and doesn't flip over? With good axles (or whatever the camera would turn on to keep it level) that don't have...
  17. E

    Banggood Electronics

    Hey all. So most of us know of banggood ( You can find some good deals on there, but are they worth it? feel free to post any experiences or tips with banggood's store, customer service, etc.
  18. Snarls

    Cheap Lipos at Hobbyking Cyber Sale

    Just letting people know that there are some really cheap lipos available with HKs Cyber Sale. Mostly high capacity ones, but new deals come out every now and then. I got a 4s 5200 for $15 vs $40 a couple weeks ago. Also not just lipos for cheap, you may find a great price on an item you've been...
  19. A

    First built quad log (Or V-tail?)

    I'm unsure if this will be a V-tail or a quad. I'm more interested in the authority that a Vtail has, with the advantage of the Tri without some of the negatives. (Such as: a motor goes out and the Tri crashes. Same is true for quad or V, but less likely to destroy all things.) I'm also...
  20. G

    why not cheaper?

    so before you go all judgy on me, i have almost no experience when it come to electronics in the rc-departement. So i bought this WLtoys V666 quadcopter witch made me very happy and included a controller. I only paid around 120 euros for this. So imagine my surprise when i looked on the internet...