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Foldable FPV Quad

I'm looking to build my own foldable quad that fits into my backpack. I'm starting this tread for people to throw their ideas and experiences in.
The following is a list of requirements/qualities I believe the Quad must have. There are a few questions also if you can answer.

1. Foldable to fit inside a backpack.
2. All wiring must be contained, so it can't get caught on anything whilst in the backpack or pulling it out or pulling it in.
3. Must be GPS stabilized to compensate for wind.
4. Any antennas GPS etc must be foldable so it doesn't get damaged in the backpack
5. Must be able to take up to 10x4-6 props so that it can take varying payloads.
6. Easily upgradable from fixed gopro to gimbal mounted gopro.
7. Take either 3s or 4s batteries up to 4000-5000mah
8. Generic parts, it would ideally be from items from HobbyKing

What wind can the Naza lite handle?

I am thinking something like the TBS discovery with DJI arms, but I don't think I need all the extra options it has. Anyone with the discovery does it have the ability to be moded to make the arms foldable??

What extra things do you think this build/design needs??
you need to determining the size of the back pack.. my bat bone folds and fits into my backpack that's designed for 17in lap top. Just the tip of the rear rotor blade sticks out when it's closed....our rather almost closed..

You can use tubing of some type for the arms and fish the esc wires thru.. I think you'll be more likely to break a rotor blade than pulling a wire out.. I suggest you build a tri copter, easier to fold, remove the blades before you you pack it..

As far as gps some antenna are flat