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Does anyone have any tips on finding cg on a wing?


Are you asking about a flying wing or a wing on any aircraft? Not that there is a tremendous difference, but flying wings can be pretty cg sensitive.

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When some one says "wing", I think flying wing.
For most planes, 30-33% of the wing's width back from the leading edge.
I.E. 9" wing=3" back from the leading edge


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Simple. Locate the thickest portion of the wing. Start there and adjust as needed, usually forward.

*Only applies to standards wing aircraft.
ok everyone I just finished drawing my first wing on foam board .if I did it right my cg will be around 8.5 " back from leading edge .Im going for a slow park flyer something to learn on. can anyone clue me in to a good motor esc and pusher prop combo oh can I use a small wooden dowl in place of carbon fiber spar?