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Does Kiss ESC work with pix-hawk?

I have a pixhawk board and kiss 32 amp ESC's and I was wondering if they work together. I have been trying to calibrate the ESC's and its acting all wonky. Are they compatible?


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Most escs these days work with any fc.

Define wonky.

They will run fine with power +- and signal but for flashing they do require the signal ground too if that is where you are having issues
What's up phyborg?! I am happy to see you are still on the forums. I am trying to celebrate the esc's and when I power them from the main battery and try to do the calibration and the Esc lights come on for a second but then nothing happens. I might be calabrateing them wrong or something. Any ideas? Merry Christmas


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Are you trying to calibrate through the Pixhawk, and using the classic technique of having the throttle stick high when you plug the battery in, then lowering it. If so, that won't work as calibrating ESCs through the Pixhawk requires using the special ESC calibration wizard in Mission Planner (assuming you are using that). Otherwise you can hook the Kiss ESC directly to a receiver and calibrate using the classic method.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Oi oi hiya Gator, Snarls! Happy Christmaquazika!

Hope you guys are well n Santa brought cool new flying toys.

Did Snarls solve the issue mate as usual he is spot on