Does one brand of stabilizer work better than others?


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Does one brand of stabilizer work better than others? I see a big range of prices for stabilization units/receivers, from $15 to 100+ dollars. Just wondering if one does a better job at stabilizing the airplane while in flight or if they are all using the same gyros, chips, and processors from China to sense changes while in flight? (I'm not as concerned with the number of features or ease of setup/config, but mainly just concerned about how good the flight stabilization is, and/or if it varies across the different brands.)

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I have a eagletree guardian and a nx3 evo. Haven't flown with the evo yet but the guardian seems a much nicer system but it's almost 3times the price


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I've flown SAFE, off the shelf AS3X, and LemonRX Stabilizers.

Of the three, SAFE was the most powerful in terms of stabilization. In beginner mode, no matter what I did, that plane would simply not do anything risky. Bank angle limited and panic recovery. Worked great for the hour or so I got the play with it.

AS3X was my least favorite. There is a good chance that my dissatisfaction stems from user error, as programming the darn thing was to me, a nightmare. It may be better than what I experienced, but as it stands I'm not a fan.

Two thumbs up for the lemon systems. Easy to program and they work really well. I fly wings in some pretty wicked wind and am very happy with how the lemon units perform.

Not sure I answered your question, but here's hoping it will help.


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This is something that I have pondered for some time, though with a flight controller (commonly used on multi-rotors), not a pre-programmed receiver. Most of the popular flight controller firmware such and Betaflight, dRonin, iNav, etc. have fixed wing aircraft as one of their modes of operation. I was wondering if anyone on the FT forum has any experience with such a setup.