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Don't use Dollar Tree spray glue


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I usually print or have plans printed and then spray glue then to either foam board for cutting or for planes I know I will have to rebuild lol to poster board as templates. I usually use 3m super77 spray glue. Stuff works pretty good but at $8 a can just adds $$ to the build. Was at Dollar Tree getting foam and other things and stumbled accross some Dollar Tree spray glue. I figured if it's at least close to the super77 stuff it'll be an awesome substitute.
Boy was I wrong. It's pretty much normal craft glue in a spray can. Doesn't stick unless you put it on thick, and too thick just gets the paper super wet, delaminting the paper on the foam. When it drys, it shrinks the paper warping the board. I had better luck using glue sticks...

So, long story short, you kinda get what you pay for with spray glue. Will be throwing this stuff away and sticking with the tried and true super77.