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Dr. Looping Looie Plan Index

After over 3 years of building foamboard planes, I think its finally time to open a plan index thread. Unfortunately, Im a computer noob and I dont have plans for all of my scratchbuilds, but I hope that this thread will encurage me to make more plans.

This should not only be an index for plans, but also a list with pictures and videos of all my designs with important information and recommendations, so that you can look for inspiration. I wont include detailed build instructions, please look for the thread of the particular plane for that.

Of course, this is not my full time job, so please dont expect me to have plans rightaway and dont expect perfect quality. But all the plans will be for free!

If you find any issues or mistakes I made, feel free to post them, because it will help everyone.

Projects complete with plans:
Planes without plans:
Learjet 23
Twin Boom Explorer
Twin Messerschmitt BF-109
Micro Henschel Hs P.87
Looping Louie plane

Projects in progress:
One Wing to rule them all
Umbaran Starfighter (Star Wars)
LAAT Gunship (Star Wars)

Upcoming Projects:
50mm EDF Sportjet
Twin Engine civil plane
Some giant seaplane (maybe Berijew Be-103)

Mods or tipps/tricks:
Materials I like
Biplane FT mini Speedster
Simple removeble landing gear with suspension

Please note that all the links will soon be added once Ive figured out how this works!
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Wind Puff

This ultralight aircraft might not have the best looks, but its feature-packet with advanced landing gear, moving pilot figure and folding wings. The designs STOL aspect can be maxed out to the absolute extreame. Similar in size and weight to the E-Flite Timber, it beats the Timber in every category relevant for STOL.




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Love your wing puffer.
What was reason to move tale horizontal stabilizer lover the boom? Was it so be in front of the propeller and better air flow?