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Dr4-II Telemetry Not Working. PLEASE HELP!

I picked up a D4R-II Rx for my quad and am having a hard time getting the telemetry to work. I have tried both options:

1. Wiring the green and black D4R telemetry wires to the telemetry port on the Naze32, then the VBat on the naze32 to the PDB. (enabled telemetry on Cleanflight)

2. Using softserial, took the green wire from the telemetry port on the D4R and linking it to 6th pin on the Naze32, and have had no luck. (Also using set telemetry_inversion for both)

I can confirm telemetry is turned on in cleanflight, and I have enabled the softserial telemetry FrySky @ 9600 on the ports tab.

Is there something I need to do on the Taranis Tx?
Hey there, I set up telemetry on my D4R-II on my Versacopter last night... I know that I have to arm the quad to get the telemtry readings on my Taranis. Is yours armed when you're looking at the telemetry screen? (Sorry if you've already tried this... I know I didn't realize it the first time I set one up and it took me a bit of checking around to find that out...)
I believe with the soft serial approach, you don't need to have it armed in order to read telemetry data. That's why some people go that route. I wasn't able to get it working that way. For some reason I could not get a signal when I set it up that way.

To answer your last question, you may have to discover the sensors on your Taranis TX. I think that was the critical step I was missing when trying to do this. Power up the quad and transmitter then go into your Telemetry screen on the TX. Select "Discover new sensors" and see if all of the sensors show up. Ax, Ay, Az, vbat, etc..... Let us know if they show up after that. If not, I can walk you through how I did it (the non soft serial route)

Good luck
Yes please I would greatly appreciate that!

To confirm I rewired and tried it after arming and after "discover new telemetry"

Maybe I got a bad D4r?
d4rii wiring.jpg

Here's a sketch I did. Follow those directions and let me know if you have any questions.

I just taped the red and white wires from the D4rii together and tucked them away. Also, make sure your quad is armed before you "discover new sensors". Otherwise it wont detect them.
Thank you for taking the time. I really appreciate it!

what is your internal RF module set to?
D8? D16?

When you go to your telemetry page, does it say telemetry type "Frysky s.port"? When I go to my telemetry page it doesn't show anything for telemetry type.
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I'll have to take a closer look when I get home. I do know that I bound the transmitter using D8, not D16.

Are you talking about the telemetry page in Cleanflight or on the transmitter itself? I'll take some photos later tonight before I give you false information.
in the transmitter itself.

When I switch to a External Module OrangeRX plane (not my Versacopter) and go to the telemetry page, I see at the top "FrSky S.port"

When I first got my D4r-II, I was able to get Vbat and cell count, but the problem was the VBat and Cell wouldn't live feed update until I turned off the controller, and turned it back on, and then I would be able to see the new VBat/Cell level.

So i removed it and went back to the X8R.

Thanks for your help.

You are also using CPPM correct?
(Below) Is what I see for my OrangeRx plane on the telemetry page


For my Versacopter I can only see the Taranis Battery level and RSSI
That is correct. I am using CPPM.

I don't think your telemetry page should say "FrSky S.port" though. I believe the D4R II runs on PPM rather than SBUS. Maybe someone with more experience can chime in here. In any case, I'll send you some photos later.

FYI I'm using a relatively stock Taranis x9D Plus. No modules.


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It's possible. Depends what the FC software does. Could be so long as you only use the first 5 or 6 channels of CCPM it will work but probably a good idea to upgrade the firmware at some point.

CPPM has nothing to do with telemetry - only the flight attitude, arming and mode assuming you are using separate channels for arming and mode.
I reflashed all of my D4R-II receivers, which I run with a Naze32 in PPM mode. All of them come set @ 18ms for the standard 4 channel setup, and should be reflashed to run in PPM mode properly.

Paul's (BMSWeb on YT) playlist is what helped me out the most with doing all of this. The large playlist is all about integrating telemetry with the D4RII, the Taranis and the Naze32, in conjunction with a basic ZMR250 setup.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxeXlhhg8Z8PdsGtMwYPIIS3-QXrbM0Xf - Telemetry Playlist

This video is how to reflash your D4R-IIs, which he also details quite well. I followed these instructions when I first started and am using 7 channels via PPM with telemetry very reliably, including voltage callouts on my trainer switch and arming on my single position switch.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0qnlpkd-iM - RX reflashing Video

Bruce Simpson's (RCModelreviews on Youtube) video detailing this process explains and shows you whats happening when you reflash your receivers, and how this benefits you. Also good knowledge to have.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBAKxz7NSJk - Reflashing Explanation

These channels, amongst others, have been a huge resource for someone learning this stuff from the ground up.
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