YES!! It works. graupner esc telemetry direct to frysky Analog AIN?


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hi there flight test hive mind!

i'm new to the hobby, just build a tiny trainer with my daughter, gona maiden it today, chuck glider at first.

i did just try out the controlls and i works!!!

now to the technicals.

power pack A in the Uk is from Graupner, it comes with an Ultra control 20a blheli esc which has an telemetry output to the receiver.
in the manual it states:
ORANGE CABLE: voltage control for GR-12SH and GR12 Gyro Setting CH5: voltage for valtage indication in telemetry or for Open Source Flight Controller (Voltage Scale=92)

the Frysky X4R has smart port A2 telemetry and i think it also has A1 analog? but not sure about this..

big Question is will the orange cable supply telemetry that the taranis x7 can read from the esc. or is it going to blow the rx/esc up?

bat voltage 11.29v, the orange cable to bat negative reads 1.22v

i will check it out with a full battery when i got one...

what does it all mean????



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Ok x4r has an analog input called AIN. Max 3.3v I read somewhere.

And the esc Max telemetry voltage out is 3v, when 6s Lipo is at 25.5v. As per graupner...

That would make sense with 1.22v at 11something volts. Yes it needs charging..


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I can confirm my taranis is displaying flight pack voltage!!!

The signal from the esc is max 3v @ 25.5v 6s. So not sure it is accurate enough on a 3s...??
But it works.
The AIN input on the X4R is Mac 3,3v. So all good