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Hello, im having some problem with my quadcopter. its my first cheap quadcopter called JJRC H29W
my quadcopter keeps drifting to the top right (north east?). so lets say i calibrate it(both sticks down to the right) to the north and it will drift to the north east, calibrate it to the South ? drift itself to the west south

oh and it occurs only every time i put the throttle on between 90-100%
when did it starts drifting itself? there's 1 time where i accidentaly landed it upside down on a puddle , and i did dry it, after that it still works fine until yesterday ? or 3 days ago ?

i tried trimming it extremely to bottom left and it stays the same , so basically if i flew it far away and need to get it back to me it keeps fighting itself to drift away from me

i also tried to turn it on on a flat surface

if anyone knows the fix or need to ask a question feel free
Thank you


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Drifting is minimized by trimming and by stabilization. Some trims don't have the resolution to get it perfect. Stabilization is done by accelerometers.

The fact you can affect the direction of drift would keep me trying to find how to minimize the drift but that's all I can offer.


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Yes I am. :)

On a quad, the flight controller knows level from the gyro or acc settings. If you need trim you have something set incorrectly or something on the copter is rubbing, bent or otherwise not functioning correctly like ESCs out of synch.

Quads drift. Unless you are running some type of GPS lock and barometer or laser alititude hold, quads drift. The rotors churn the air below them and make it unstable. Air currents push quads and tip them. Quads drift. You have to fly them to hold a stable hover. There is nothing on a flight controller that will detect drift and handle it without some type of external reference such as GPS.

In acro mode on a windy day, I can park a quad in the air at a stable hover with a 5-10 degree tilt into the wind. The copter will hover in place but is in no way level. This is something a flight controller cannot do without me. You cannot trim a quad to keep it in place as once I rotate the quad to face me, the tilt is reversed. Trim would have the quad tilt with the wind instead of into the wind at that point and the quad hits the fence. :)

Once you set the subtrims and zero out your radio to the flight controller, you should only set trims to center and you should test to ensure they are set to center before you fly.
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Agreed. Once centers and end ponts are set NEVER touch the trims. That is actually one of the features I like about the Taranis I have learned. You can lock out the physical trims on the radio so they CAN't be changed even by accident.