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Pumpkin drop event


  1. M

    Drifting problem

    Hello, im having some problem with my quadcopter. its my first cheap quadcopter called JJRC H29W my quadcopter keeps drifting to the top right (north east?). so lets say i calibrate it(both sticks down to the right) to the north and it will drift to the north east, calibrate it to the South ...
  2. V

    Revive and Finnish Unknown Plane

    Okay, so a few years back I got an old, old, old... very old for a plane that's never been finnished... 20+ year old plane from a friend of mine who was building it with his daughter but never finished. So for now I'll post pictures of it atm, but I hope to work on it for the weekend to beat all...
  3. R

    Fixing a Boscam TS832 video transmitter

    Hey guys, so a while back I killed a TS832 vTx by ripping off the SMA connector off in a crash. I replaced the vTx with a much older one, and today that vTx also died and I decided to tear into the TS832 to see if it could be fixed. I had noticed when I first killed it that the solder pad had...
  4. K

    Can I fix my motor?

    Attached i have two pictures of my damaged motor. It was damaged in a crash where my quadcopter lost power for some reason whilst hovering at about 40m up. Landed on concrete and all the other motors have some scratches but still work. However this one seems to be jammed or something. As you...
  5. B

    Walkera Runner 250 Problems

    I recently bought this racing Quadcopter that was called the Walkera Runner 250. It flew well until I crashed it. It was about 35 feet up and then I dropped all throttle and could not correct it after adding more. It crashed on one side but nothing was apparently broken. Then when I tried...
  6. Flyingninja

    eSport 2.0 Update

    Hi! I got up at 5:30 to test fly my new design... remember I wanted it to go fast.(bad idea) Here is the aftermath: On the first flight everything was OK. But it was fast...too fast. So I backed off the throttle and the plane did a high speed stall. :( I brought it down, moved my cg a little...
  7. Q

    Glue vs Tape on Wing Crack

    Plane: Sport Cub S by Horizion Hobby Material: Styrofoam I've very new to the hobby of RC aircraft and I'm not sure whether I should repair a wing crack with glue or tape. I'm pretty sure that tape would be the best option considering the crack is fairly minor, but I want to make sure. I...
  8. D

    OrangeRX openlrs assistance needed

    I have been trying and trying to succeed with the openlrs for months now, and have random on and off successes and failures. I have bought 2 modules and 2 receivers, and at the moment I cannot get any combo to work, and I have run out of ideas or resources to move on. I get about as much range...
  9. I

    Any way to fix a CCD camera?

    I recently got a super cheap camera transmitter/receiver system and I realize I get what I pay for. The camera was working beautifully for about a day, then while I was trying to rig it to a mini quad, the image got all weird. My question is does anybody know what might be the cause? Is there...