Drifting quad on take off


Hello guys,

Adam again. I have a situation I could use some advise on.
As some of you guys may know I built a box o copter like the one flite test built a while back with a few differences. Main difference is using aluminum c channel instead of wood.

I am using aerodrive 1200 motors with gemfan 10x5 propellers. 25 amp q brain esc with kk2.1.5 board. I have a usbasp coming in the mail to update.
But here's the problem.

When I take off, the quad drifts forward or back and if I give it more throttle (left stock) she stays to twist or spin and drift all over. I have checked everything I could. From propeller direction to motor direction to idled controls in the receiver test.

Basically what I'm saying is the quad doesn't come up level and in position. Not even close. My suspicion is flex from the plastic toolbox. When I give left sick I can see the whole box flex and twist slightly. Could that cause this? Any and all advice is welcomed.