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Naze32 shake and roll on take off

Hi guys.
I am fairly new to multi rotors and i could use a bit of help.

I built a hovership mhq2 which I learnt to fly on but I have just built a custom frame for aerial photography.

The problem I am having is that I have set up everything in cleanflight. All motors and props are correct direction and naze32 is calibrated but when I go to take off it shudders and rolls over.

The cg is correct also.

Any ideas o wise ones?


Junior Member
Any ideas o wise ones?
Being new myself I don't really fit into that category, but I can suggest trying the following.

1) Did you calibrate the ESCs? If not try that.
2) Is the naze mounted in the default orientation? (it has an arrow on the board) If not change the settings in clean flight to adjust it by 90/180/270 degrees (I have mine with the USB to the side)
3)are you in angle or horizon mode? If so try taking off in acro mode - if it works then maybe the accelerometer is not calibrated?
4)are the ESC signal pins in the correct order on the naze board for motor 1, 2, 3, 4? You can double check in cleanflight by starting each motor individually and making sure it is in the correct order (double check rotation here too)
5) Double check that the props are indeed on the correct way, and you are using the correct props on each motor - cw and ccw use different props

Not sure if any of that would help and i'm sure someone will be able to help you if they don't work :) Goodluck

i did calibrate the ESCs origionally but it might be worth doing that again and recalibrating everything.

the board orientation is to the side but has -90 on it.
i have been testing in acro, i checked all the motors individually and the props.

really frustrating.

could it be something to do with the board not being dampened. it is on a bit of thin foam tape but i might but it on a damper platform too.


Junior Member
could it be something to do with the board not being dampened. it is on a bit of thin foam tape but i might but it on a damper platform too.

Hmmm, I can't see that being the problem really, I have mine mounted on nylon standoffs.

I think you may have to wait for the wise ones to come a long :)

One last suggestion, not so much to fix it but to give others some more information. Hold it in your hand from the bottom (mind the props though!) and see what type of behavior it has, note which way its trying to push/roll. Maybe even try putting one prop on and check if the thrust is going in the expected direction (give it some throttle and it should start to lift from that arm) - repeat the process for the other three motors.

Another thought it to check your mid points in cleanflight (receiver tab)

i will give that a go.

personally i think it is an esc problem.

i will try again to calibrate them.

i will also check the lowest value motor input and see if all the motors are the same.

A bit difficult to say for sure without seeing the problem, so if possible it would help allot if you can post a video of the problem.
The one thing it can also be if all above mentioned checks are done and is 100% then your PID'S might be off for that frame.
i will open it up tonight and see if it is all correct and i havent made a stupid mistake. and i will tripple check all the rotations and ordering even though i know it is correct but it does seem like maybe it is a numbering or esc issue from what i have read and the behaviour.

It's fixed and flying perfectly.

Turned out that I was running settings within the esc. When I calibrated the endpoints on the Simonk emax escs I accidently switched on the locks and curves within them.
I have now set them correctly to the defaults and it works perfectly. And I have had my new quadcopter up in the air. Few design tweaks and it will be printed to fly with my gimbal and cam at the weekend.

Thank you everyone for your help. It helped me isolate the issues and solve them.