Drone Delivery in China


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What is so special about this video? I mean apart from the nice advertisement.

I also like the comment on youtube about some guy with a gun ;)


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Makes me want to mail order a car battery just to see a giant drone fly to my house.

As for the shotgun comment, if I saw a camera on a drone uncomfortably close to my home, I would be grabbing my shotgun too.


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Nice for drama and hype but that video is fake as all get out. I don't see a hobby level drone ever getting certified let alone operating as a business. Autonomous drone deliveries will be far too inefficient for a company to sustain. Second if they did do actual deliveries you would have to go above the 400 ft altitude. There would be no roof top profile flights. Too many obstacles at various altitudes under that range that drones cant see. I don't see someone mapping every city 3 dimensionally to find every potential flight hazard. Then we get Darwins children involved and that's that.

As for shooting a drone down with a gun...That's just plain dumb statements. If you were to do it and got caught you would have several federal offences and weapons charges you could pretty much kiss your normal life good bye as the cost for lawyers will suck every asset you have out of your possession. Won't even go on about the jail time. They also make you sound like punk kids trying to sound tough.


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Great video. Chinese sure know how to make those drones. It really looks nice. What is on the drone? Camcorder. Very nice. Makes me want to try this out too some day. Any other places where I might find materials like this? Making a drone.