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Drone Help, Spektrum spare parts build

Howdy all,
Me and some buddies are trying to throw together a quadcopter made of spare parts we found and need some guidance. The parts are as follows:

4x Emax MT1806 2280kV motor
4x Emax BLheli 12A esc
4x Spektrum AR610 Recievers (Trying to figure out how to cut to 1)
1x Spektrum DXe 2.4 GHz radio
4x Tipple 2 cell 800mAh batteries

We currently have the capability to make it only fly up and down, and would, of course, like to be able to steer. We are trying to keep it as low budget as possible and are wondering if there is a flight controller compatible with this set up or a way to wire the transmitters to work with 4 motors. Please let me know.

Thank you


Eternal Student
I think the latest FC that can accept PWM inputs from that receiver is the omnibus F3. It probably won't run the latest version of any of the firmwares, but you can use an older version and get it in the air.


Elite member
You could simply spend $18 on a Lemon RX satellite receiver. They are DSMX and will work with F4 flight controllers that are much better than old F3 ones. They are a Spektrum compatible serial receiver. They have no PWM output, so are nice and small. Those 800mah batteries with 1806 motors are likely going to be too low power output, they will get drained very fast.
You could make 4 FT mini planes out of those parts.