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Drone/Quad Parts for Build


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Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to build a drone/quad. I already have another thread going about asking questions on buying a kit to build. It was suggested that the kits don't come with some of the best pieces parts. So here is a list of what I have come up with. I would like opinions on the parts selected. I am also trying to get the price down because this is my first build and I am a rookie at flying. My radio is a Orange Tx 10i. The plan is to use a Spektrum SPM 4650 receiver ( $27 ).
Frame; iFlight Cidora SL 5 (5" frame) $43 Banggood
or iFlight XL5 Vs True $40 Banggood

Motors; Emax ECO 2207 2400kV (total) $48 Banggood
or Racestar Fire Eddition 2207 2500kV $36 Banggood

Controller; iFlight Succe X-E F4 flight control & ESC (stack) $58 Banggood

No camera parts picked out yet. Plan to fly line of sight first.

So what do you guys think ? Open to all input.


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Looks reasonable to me... I'd avoid the Racerstar motors in favor of Emax. You could save a few bucks and go for a LemonRx satellite Rx over the Spektrum.

If you're new to flying, definitely start with a simulator and save your copter the first 10000 crashes :D


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I would look at the TBS Source One frame, you can get spare arms for it and a 7” kit if you want a change later. It’s roomy and tough.


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Hi Guys,

Thank you guys for suggestions. I will be checking these parts out. I'll have to check out a simulator out. Are there any free simulators out there ? It there any simulator worth looking at ? I do have a Phoenix v3 simulator for planes. I use a Spektrum DX5e transmitter with the simulator. It would be nice to use the Spektrum transmitter that I have.

Keep the ideas coming. Will do some research on the parts suggested. If I can save some money that would be great.


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Hi Everyone,

A little update on what I found so far. 04-19-2020.

Prices are from getfpv.com
TBS Source One V3 5" frame $27
Emax ECO 2207 4200kV motor $48 total for 4
iFlight Succe X-E mini F4 stack 45a $55
IFlight Succe X-E mini F4 stack 35a $50 out of stock

Lemon Rx DSMX satellite $16 from Buddy RC

How about an Orange Rx satellite ? The reason I ask is because I have an Orange TX 10 i transmitter.