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Drone noob

Hello, I am an experienced RC pilot and have recently found an interest in drones, I have owned a couple of drones before but I want to get into the racing sean, so I bought an ft blur, but am a little confused as to what flight controller to buy, I will be running 2205 2300kv motors with 25amp ESC's. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


Eternal Student
Pretty much anything with an F4 or F7 processor will do you fine. Holybro and Airbot make quality stuff, but there are so many to choose from. If you are planning to run Frsky + telemetry do yourself a favor and make sure there are 2 inverted UARTs available. Many have this, some don't.


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If you are racing a 4:1 ESC is better, gets it all inboard. You want to look at 6s systems too, max power all the way through the race with less voltage sag. You want 1700kv or so for 6s.