DSM-2 vs DSMX reciever question to bind with Spektrum DX6


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I bought I KingKong tiny7 and ordered it with the DSM2 reciever. From what I can tell, it is this reciever https://www.amazon.com/HOBBYMATE-Racer-Quadcopter-Satellite-Receiver/dp/B01NCIWP4D/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1501193926&sr=8-3&keywords=dsm2+receiver

I'm able to get it to bind in dsmx mode and I can see the control movements in Betaflight.

....but I'm reading that DSM2 is not compatible with the Spektrum DX6; ....that said, I see an option in frame rate to set it to DSM2.

I actually went as far to buy a used Spektrum DX6i from a guy at the local hobby shop.

The issue is, when I bind, there is nothing I can do to get the quad to arm. I've never had this problem with other quads like a Vortex or Tiny Whoops.

If I see the control movements in betaflight, an I rule out any binding issues? ...or should I go back to trying to use the older DX6i which is DSM2 only.

.....the strangest thing is the reciever I see that looks like what I got says it is "Satellite Receiver - for DSM-2 DSM-X Radio Transmitter, With Bind Button".

...any input is greatly appreciated.


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If you are seeing your stick movements in Betaflight, you are bound and good to go. As far as arming, there are a few things it could be, all covered in this quick video:



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That video had my solution and other great info. The binding was fine, it was the min_check on the throttle. Now a lot makes sense, so thanks for the reply and the link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!