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DTFB Warped after Painting? If it's a control surface, think twice about flying it.


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I just discovered that Testors is owned by Rust-Oleum, which makes me wonder if they offer some of the enamel paints at a cheaper price under the Rust-Oleum brand/label. I found this oil-based enamel primer which sells at Lowes for about $9 a 32 fl.oz can for example which I am curious to find out if it will do the job: https://lowes.com/pd/Rust-Oleum-Pro...or-Paint-Actual-Net-Contents-32-fl-oz/3069751

This said, I think I will have a pretty interesting set of primer experiments to try out when I do get my paint gun. =)
I am interested to see how this oil based primer works to seal in the FB not only for paint but for water resistance as well, keep us posted up


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I found this oil-based enamel primer which sells at Lowes for about $9 a 32 fl.oz can...
I believe this is the same paint as the Tremclad I was talking about. It's a good, cheap enamel that I spray on everything around the farm. You can spray it straight, and a single thick coat covers great on steel and doesn't run if you are any good. You can probably skip the primer as the regular one-coat enamels stick well to anything I've ever applied them to that wasn't rusty.

I've been thinking about it for airplanes for years, but you might have to thin it to avoid adding too much weight. When sprayed straight from a HVLP gun, it definitely goes on heavy.

I don't know about brushing it because I hate painting with a brush :) I also hate cleaning my gun after doing small jobs, so I've considered picking up one of these "critter" nozzle-less guns for this sort of work.