Dual Lock vs Velcro


I'm in a dilemma. Dual lock has a much stronger grip along with that loud snap that tells me nothing gonna be moving. The issue I have with dual lock is that you have to press really hard to get it to lock. Most heli and car people don't worry about this as you can support the battery when pushing down, but with DTFB planes the foam will break with too much pressure. For example in my FT Bushwacker I can only add the battery once the power pod is inserted, but once the power pod is inserted I can't support the foam when I'm pushing on the battery waiting for that "snap". So turning to velcro, I see that the industrial stuff should be strong enough, maybe add a few straps. The reason I started considering velcro is that at my field I saw one of our members mounting a small camera on an airplane with this velcro. All he had to do was twist it a little bit and bang, locked on. So I don't know which to use, any ideas?


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use the velcro straps, either the ones that have the plastic turnaround or the ones that have a hole for the velcro to cut through. Handles negative G's a lot better, and no issue with messing up your airframe